GlowRight Indoor Everywhere Light 3.0

Installations, Tips and FAQs

What's in the box

1. Indoor Everywhere Light 3.0 x1

2. Removable Battery x1

3. Metal Plates with 3M Stickers x2

4. USB-C to USB-A Cable x1

Step by Step Installations

The light can stick to any strong metal surface (e.g. refrigerator, dishwasher) without using metal plates. To install the light on non-metal surface, follow these steps:

1. Place the metal plates on the indicated locations at the back of the light.

2. Remove the sticker paper on the magnetic plates.

3. Finally stick the light by pressing down and holding the metal plates firmly onto the surface. Leave it for 10 minutes before taking the light off.

*Due to the sensitivity of our motion radar, having two lights close to each other could affect its motion performance. We suggest the installation distance between two lights should not be smaller than 12 inches (30 cm).

How to use it?

Lighting Modes

Short press the button:
Continuous Lighting Mode → Motion Detecting Mode (indicated with flash) → Energy Motion Mode → Switch Off

Color Temperature

Long press the button:
Cool → Warm White → Warm

How does the motion detection work?

Range of Motion Detection

The range of detection is determined by distance and angle—within 15m (49ft) and 180°.

Auto-off even if still around?

The light will auto switch off until someone leaves the area. If you're still within the detection range, it will continue to stay on until no one is detected in the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bought a different brand of something like this and they didn't put out near enough light that is needed. How do these compare?

GlowRight 3.0 has got something upgraded coming your way. Take a quick look at what set it apart:

- Microwave sensor has a much wider detection range, it’s more responsive to traditional motion lights with PIR sensor.
- You can now remove the battery and change it with a backup, so you don’t have to take the whole light off and wait for the battery to recharge.
- The light switches on gradually from dim to bright. It is softer on the eyes.
- Comparing to the thick and bulky motion light, our lights are ultra-slim that won’t look awkward in your home design.

If you've been eyeing a convenient lighting solution, GlowRight is the one for you!

How do you recharge them if they are stuck inside a cupboard with no power?

Our lights are held on with magnets. Simply take off the light and remove the battery from the light. Put it back on when it’s done charging.

Or you can purchase an extra battery separately, and replace a fully charged battery without having to wait for the recharge.

How good are the sensors? What is their active range?

We replace the traditional PIR sensor with the all-new Microwave sensor, which offers a much wider range of detection within 15m (49ft) and 180°.

It keeps staying on until you walk away. When you are no longer in the area, it then starts to turn off after 15s. So you never have to rush for your snack before the light goes off.

Can I use the light without using the metal plates provided?

Yes, the built-in magnets will allow the LED light to stick to any strong metal surface such as iron. For example, refrigerators, dishwashers, office filing cabinets, and metal shelving.

What are the 3 lighting modes?

  1. Continuous Lighting Mode: Light stays on until manually switch off.
  2. Motion Detecting Mode: Light turns on when motion is detected, and turns off automatically after 15 seconds when the range is unoccupied.
  3. Energy Motion Mode: The motion light only turns under dark environment, and turns off automatically after 15 seconds when the range is unoccupied.

Under motion detecting mode, will it switch off automatically?

The light will continue to stay on until one leaves the area after 15 seconds of being unoccupied.

Under motion detecting mode, will it switch off automatically even if I am still around?

No, it will not switch off if you're still within the detection range. It will only start to switch off after 15s when no one is in the range.

Can I change the color temperature?

Yes, simply long press the button to do so. It presents both cool white and warm white lighting from 6000K to 3000K.

How can I charge the light?

You can charge the light in two ways:

1. Remove the battery from the light and charge the battery separately.
2. Take off the light from the magnets and charge the whole light (with battery attached on).

Can I use the light without the battery?

Yes. There are two USB-C ports on both ends. You can use the light by connecting it to a cable on the motion sensor side.

That way you can use it without battery attached or when your battery runs out. So you can charge the battery separately while keep the light working by powering it up with a cable.

Can I use the light while charging?

Yes, the light will stay operated while charging.

How do you know when it's fully charged?

A red light indicates the light is charging.

A green light indicates the light is fully charged.