Outdoor Solar Landscape Light

Installations, Tips and FAQs

Whats in the box

1. Outdoor Solar Landscape Light x1

2. Drywall Anchors & Screws x4

Step by Step Installations

Installation Tips:

1. Remember to peel off the protective cover on the solar panel.

2. Before installation, please make sure the light is switched on.

3. Test the light by covering the solar panel (to simulate darkness), and press the button to switch between 4 modes in the following order: low, medium, high, off.

4. Install the light in the early morning to ensure maximum charge before use.

5. Pick a suitable location with direct sunlight, avoid shady areas like under roofs or trees.

1. Install the stake into the ground with two hands to avoid breaking it.

2. Once it's installed, adjust the angle for optimal lighting direction.

1. Drill 2 holes in the wall.

2. Insert the drywall anchors into the holes, and fix the light with the screws.

3. Once it's installed, adjust the angle for optimal lighting direction.

Method 1 - No Drill Hooks

Recommended for: flat surface including concrete wall, timber wall, metal wall.

Remove the sticker on the back of the hook and apply the glue, fill in any uneven surface on the wall if necessary to make sure it’s flat for sticking.

Leave dry for 48-72 hours with the temporary sticker to fix the position.

Hang on the light. Turn it on, switch to your desired mode, and begin to charge in the sun.

Method 2 - Drill & Screws

Recommended for: uneven surface including brick wall, stone wall.

Drill a hole on the surface.

Insert the drywall anchor into the hole, and fix the light by the screw and the sticky pad.

Turn on the light and switch to your desired mode. It begins to charge in the sun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last in each brightness mode?

The battery performance is affected by the brightness level of the light, typically around 8-30 hours. Under any mode, the light should be able to work throughout the night if the battery is sufficiently charged in the daytime.

Under Low Light, the battery could last for 30 hours in a full charge.

Under Medium Light, the battery could last for 16 hours in a full charge.

Under High Light, the battery could last for 8 hours in a full charge.

Is there a light switch to completely shut the light off?

Yes. Although the light is designed to operate automatically so that you don't have to manage it on a daily basis, there's a light switch at the back to completely turn off the light. You can also use it to adjust the brightness level.

Do they stay on continuously at night or only when there's motion detected?

The light is designed to stay on continuously in the dark to maximize safety. There's no motion detection mode on this light.

My light has been charged under the sun the whole day, but it's not working at night?

Please make sure the light is switched on before charging the light. There's a button at the back which controls brightness level and switch off 1) Low, 2) Medium, 3) High, 4) Off.

To switch it on, select your desired brightness level. We recommend you use the button in a dark place so that you can see its indications.

Do they work in the snow and cloudy winters?

Yes, the working temperature of the light is -22~140°F (-30~60°C). It's waterproof, heat-resistant and frost-resistant. It can be used in all 4 seasons.

And please kindly note that due to the solar charging feature, the working hour in winter is shorter than that in summer, as the sunlight it can receive in winter is relatively shorter. We recommend you try to move the lighting spot where there will be more sunlight to maximize its efficiency.

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